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Introducing Easy 'Cannabis' Growing

Welcome to EasyGrowing.com, a handbook on growing cannabis in an indoor garden on a small budget. After reading the information on this website you will be ready to start growing some excellent cannabis the Easy Growing way!

The writers of EasyGrowing.com

It will come to you as no surprise that the information in this site has been put together by experts from The Netherlands. After all, in that country the growing of cannabis has evolved from an interesting hobby into a big industry. The technique of growing cannabis in The Netherlands has been perfected to a science. Seeds and seedlings are of the best quality, harvests contain the most THC (which makes you high) and yields are highest in the world.

The downside to this high-tech evolution, or space race is that a grower needs a lot of knowledge, equipment and time to be successful. A thorough understanding of the chemical processes in the soil and plants and even the water and air surrounding them are indispensable. Reading up on that and reading all the manuals of the equipment involved will keep you busy for days at end and take a huge chunk out of your wallet as well.

Lots of electronic equipment for adding or removing chemicals from air and water and warming or cooling the lot, measuring and metering all processes, from acidity in soil to the humidity of the air. A lot of attention for the scenery, props and extra's of the play. Our opinion is that all this attention could just as well be spent on the plants themselves since they are the lead characters after all.

The EasyGrowing way

Plants are relatively simple organisms. People are quite able to raise huge, brightly coloured, flowering plants in pots on balconies all over the world with an absolute minimum of effort, knowledge and budget. We will tell you how to grow fine cannabis with ease, a minimum of equipment and a low budget. Just read, pick a room and get going. That is the EasyGrowing way.

So let's get started!



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